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Emerald The Artist

Emerald is known for her creative and flexible styles of tattooing. She loves to create custom and meaningful tattoos for each client! Emerald has a really sharp eye for detail and enjoys bringing each clients ideas to life. 


As a lifelong artist, Emerald is always looking for the next opportunity to translate her everyday experiences into artistic expressions. Since 2013, she has led the Atlanta art scene and are gaining increasing acclaim nationally.


Her approach and output are constantly evolving as she hones her personal style. However, she refuses to be typecast and work hard to ensure that she doesn't  repeat herself. No matter what, Emerald approaches each project with complete enthusiasm and total dedication.


Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga Emerald has risen passed countless unforeseen circumstances and has been able to develop a skillset in tattooing that that would ultimately turn her entire life around.


Unmatched in linework, dotwork, and geometric tattoo designs, Emerald strives to create upscale and timeless tattoo designs! Other styles of interest include black and grey, photo realism and portraits.

Emerald, with eagerness to learn and apply new skills,  will forever be a student of the tattoo industry. She is always excited to travel, study, and meet new people that will inspire her journey as an artist!



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